The CITTI Project addresses social injustices experienced by people with disabilities in the developing world. A widespread perception persists that people with disabilities are helpless, incapable, and a permanent burden to society. These perceptions contribute to continued prejudice and discrimination.

Our Goals
What we do...

Our CITTI Project volunteers collaboratively organize hands-on workshops, training families, teachers, therapists, and other community members how to make simple adaptations from materials available in local markets.

Through this experience, people see the benefits of assistive technology, dispelling myths that such enabling tools are costly and difficult to acquire.

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teacher and parent at workshop
a crowd at a workshop demonstration
Our CITTI Project volunteers help community organizations and schools to establish adaptation libraries that display models for exploration and replication, including communication boards, educational materials, modified tools, and mobility, grooming and eating aids.

As the members of a community witness people with disabilities becoming more capable and independent with the use of simple adaptations, their perception about what is possible for someone with a disability evolves.
samples of education strategies
a simple adaptation library
Our CITTI Project volunteers develop publications which fill a vital need for information resources. Volume 1 provides step-by-step instruction about how to make simple, affordable adaptations for home use from materials available in the local markets. Volume 2 provide ideas for creating affordable, accessible lessons and activities for students with disabilities.

Our publications are available for download!

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